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How to create a new idea

Here the simple steps to create a new idea are described.

Published Date & Time : 9th June, 2015

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Last Modified On : 9th June, 2015

Description of Idea
A step by step tutorial on how to create a new idea and share it with the world. First you need to make sure that you are logged in. Once you have done that simply click on the blue "create idea" button in the top navigation bar. It will guide you to the new idea entry form.

Basic Idea definition

Ideas are posted under one of the pre defined categories. Please first select the appropriate one for your idea. Your idea needs a title, a main image and a teaser text. Both with be displayed in the overview pages when browsing all available ideas. The length of these fields are limited to a reasonable size to ensure a nice display in the preview.
Next: upload your main idea image. This immage will also be used in any preview display. Please use images with a dimension of at least 300x200 pixels but not larger than 3MB overall. After selecting from a local path the image will be uploaded to the system.

Tagging your idea: tags are used to support a better search experience. Feel free to add up to five tags to your idea separated by a comma. Take into consideration that it is smart to use tags that are already popular on the system, so that your idea is found quickly.

  • Idea image
Idea image

Idea description and steps

Before giving the readers a step by step instruction on how to implement your idea, present them a description of your idea. This allows you to explain the basic concept, background and context of your idea in more detail. This text is allowed to be longer.

You can then add a step by step description on how to implement your idea. Steps consist of a title, the step description, one or more images and video links. To edit the title just click on the corresponding icon next to the current title (by default it is "step"). In order to upload one of more images simply click on the "Attach Image" button and upload from your local media. If you wish to add video links to you step paste the video url (can be copied from youtube or other video sites) after clicking on the "Attach Video" button.

The recipe for your idea

This is an optional part of your idea. If you wish, you can give the readers a list of items, their description, amount needed and cost. Simply click on the "Add Field" button at the end of your idea form. A new row will appear in the table for you to fill in. Empty fields are acceptable for the description and cost column.

The cost column described the overall cost for all of this item. Lets say you need 15 stone bricks, that each cost 1$, then you should set the cost value to 15$. You can change the currency that is to be displayed with your idea in the header of the Cost column.
Feel free to add any information that might help the readers in the description field.

Idea image
Idea image

Publishing your idea

You can optionally add a PDF-document to your idea. This will be downloadable by any viewer of the idea. Once your idea writing is finished click on the "Submit Idea" button and your idea will be saved. If there is any validation that fails you will be informed and the saving is not completed. Please correct the findings and submit again.

If the saving is completed you will be redirected to the idea preview page, where you can see how your idea will look like when authorized by the admin. Other readers cannot find or view your idea until then. You will be informed by the admin of the page about this step.

What you need

Name Description Cost ($)
Screws A4
Baught them at the normal market.
Wooden panel (1mx2x)
Got it second hand from a friend of mine
Copper Cable
Easy to find on ebay.
RaspberryPi 2B
The newer model. I have found it on this site:
Total Cost $91.00

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